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The Forcecast: November 10th-There Is Another...Trilogy

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The Forcecast: November 10th-There Is Another...Trilogy

BeitragBeitrag #1 von The Force [RSS Bot] » Mo 13. Nov 2017, 21:06

Your Daily Dose of Star Wars

Post at: Mo 13. Nov 2017, 21:01

The ForeCast is BACK!!!

We open the show with the MASSIVE news that Rian Johnson is creating a new Star Wars Trilogy and speculate on what that could mean moving forward. Ryan and Daniel also discuss the news of a live action TV show coming to the Disney Streaming Service in 2019.

The opening segment of the show was recorded after the rest of the show, so from there the guys play clips of Kathleen Kennedy and talk about the future of Lucasfilm.

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