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Celebrity Autograph Banners From Celebration Up For Auction

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Celebrity Autograph Banners From Celebration Up For Auction

BeitragBeitrag #1 von The Force [RSS Bot] » Di 14. Nov 2017, 14:51

Your Daily Dose of Star Wars

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Topps Star Wars Authentics are auctioning the Star Wars Celebration Banners that were signed by the Star Wars talent! Check out signed banners from Felicity Jones, Billy Dee Williams, Alan Tudyk, Ashley Eckstein and many more! The auction starts this Monday 11/13 and runs through Sunday December 3rd.

Topps launched Star Wars Authentics earlier this year offering fans the opportunity to purchase official Star Wars photos and authenticated autographs from the cast! Their website www.starwarsauthentics.com currently features autographs from over 20 actors from across the saga with more coming soon!

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