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Columbia Echo Base Collection Sells Out In Record Time

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Columbia Echo Base Collection Sells Out In Record Time

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Your Daily Dose of Star Wars

Post at: Fr 8. Dez 2017, 22:52

Columbia tells Adweek that the Luke jacket sold out in 5 minutes 22 seconds, the Han parka in 6 minutes 23 seconds, and the Leia jacket in 7 minutes 5 seconds.

There are no plans to create more of the jackets, the company says.

Columbia Sportswear and Star Wars are launching a new collection of jackets this week. The upcoming Echo Base collection features three premium, limited-edition jackets inspired by the three main characters from iconic film Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Priced at $400, these high-performance jackets feature Columbia’s industry-leading technologies to ensure that they stand up to the freezing conditions on planet Hoth, or other galaxies closer to home.

[embedded content]
The Echo Base collection will be available in limited quantities at 12:01am EST on December 8 at www.columbia.com/starwars. Columbia branded retail locations will also sell these intergalactic jackets when those stores open that day.[embedded content][embedded content]Bild Bild
In addition to offering the three key styles, Columbia is partnering with Harrison Ford on an extremely limited run of brown parkas - the Han Solo Echo Base Archive Edition. Each of these parkas are hand-signed by Harrison Ford and will be only be available in select Columbia stores. 100% of the proceeds from these signed jackets will go to Conservation International, a global organization dedicated to protecting nature.

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