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Teenage Leukemia Survivor Hosting Star Wars Event

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Teenage Leukemia Survivor Hosting Star Wars Event

BeitragBeitrag #1 von The Force [RSS Bot] » Do 14. Dez 2017, 00:16

Your Daily Dose of Star Wars

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A leukemia survivor and transplant recipient named Ryan Tam will be hosting a Star Wars-themed event at the Bayfair Center in San Leandro, CA this Saturday the 16th.

Ryan and his family are hoping that a lot of people doing their Christmas shopping and of course seeing the new Star Wars movie that comes out on the 15th, will stop by for photos and to learn more about marrow transplants. They will not only be dressed up in character, but they will also be encouraging people to register as potential marrow donors. There will also be a raffle, with proceeds going to Be The Match to support families who are going through the transplant process.

Stop by to show your support!

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