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KotOR I & II Soundtrack Remix!

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KotOR I & II Soundtrack Remix!

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Post at: Mo 23. Apr 2018, 19:26

Here’s a fan who has edited and rearranged the OST of both games KOTOR I and II into a “Dark Symphony”. In reminiscence of the wonderful musical score for Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 (KotOR I, II). Here’s an awesome soundtrack remix from the best of KOTOR I and II (arguably the best Star Wars games ever).

The first half is very dark and slow, so if you are looking for action you can just go straight to the 
, where it really kicks off.

From the creator:

“In reminiscence of the wonderful musical score for Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 (KotOR I, II) I have edited, rearranged, combined, and transposed titles from both OST to create a Dark Star Wars Symphony that will make you worry about the quality of future Star Wars movies, channel your inner Sith Lord, inquire more about the tragedy of Darth Plagueis, crave to meet Kreia, Nihilus, Sion, and Revan again – or at the very least this 26-minute-long soundtrack will hold your ear drums in a force grip.

I have tried to arrange the music for it to resemble a rough and very basic symphonic structure with four movements (mvt.):

The first mvt. consists of exposition, development, and recapitulation of the dark themes. The second mvt. is slow, mysterious, and foreboding. The third mvt. is supposed to be “dancy” but we can’t have the Star Wars Cantina Song in a dark symphony now, can we? Instead this part is heavy on percussion and rhythm with a strong drive. The fourth mvt. takes up the dark themes again and combines the music of the ultimate struggles and final confrontations from both games into one piece.”

Hear for yourself here:

It’s from Soundtrack Refinery and it runs just under 30 minutes long. It’s the kind of thing you might enjoy playing in the background while gaming, or working out. Soundtrack Refinery is new to YouTube, but they are getting started the right way with some awesome remixing and arrangements. Subscribe so you don’t miss out on any upcoming compilations or collections, especially if they are Star Wars related. I know I am looking forward to what else they come up with.

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