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A Star Wars San Diego Comic-Con Guide

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A Star Wars San Diego Comic-Con Guide

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Your Daily Dose of Star Wars

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A Star Wars San Diego Comic-Con Guide

Posted by Steve on July 10, 2018 at 06:14 PM CST

With San Diego Comic-Con fast approaching Star Wars, as always, will be dutifully represented offering a slew of panels, guests, exclusives and giveaways. Lucasfilm will of course have their territory staked out, claiming Booth 2913, with Hasbro and LEGO both close neighbors.

We know it can be daunting, likely impossible, to see everything but we're trying to help by collecting all the Star Wars stuff and putting in one spot for you. Last time we looked at what Star Wars themed panels the weekend will offer, this time around we'll look at what guests you can expect to see and how to get their John Hancock. Enjoy!

While the panels and exhibits are full of Lucasfilm and Star Wars employees, talent and creative minds, each year they invite a few "Special Guests" to give fans an opportunity to get up close and personal. Here are this year's guests as it relates to Star Wars...




For autographs this year, they will take place under the Sails Pavilion and start at 10AM each day. It’s important to note that San Diego Comic-Con has strict regulations and rules so please make sure you read them over before heading over to the autograph pavilion. You can read those HERE.


These are all subject to change so be sure to check in each day for the latest updates. You can find more information by visiting the San Diego Comic-Con website.

For the all the up to date Star Wars merchandise exclusives being offered at this year's Comic-Con, visit our friends at Rebelscum for all the latest!

Up next we'll have a look at the floor plan and see where our favorite Star Wars groups, organizations and fans are hanging out!

Good luck and be safe Star Wars fans!


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