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Mark Hamill Attends San Diego Comic-Con In Disguise

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Mark Hamill Attends San Diego Comic-Con In Disguise

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Mark Hamill Attends San Diego Comic-Con In Disguise

Posted by Steve on July 23, 2018 at 02:23 PM CST

When you're Mark Hamill, it's tough to attend the world's biggest celebration of geek culture unnoticed. One does not simply walk around San Diego Comic-Con without drawing attention when you're an uber-celebrity such as Hamill. Not be undone, Hamill did what anyone would do in the same situation...cosplay!

Always one to be politically minded, Hamill hit the floor in this Trump inspired outfit which I think gets the point across. This great picture was taken by Star Wars fan and Twitter user @tgarcia996, which was confirmed by Hamill himself...


And next, in a less stand-outish way, Hamill donned the famous black and white armour to really blend in, which he posted on Twitter...


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