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Solo: A Star Wars Story Will Air On Netlfix

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Solo: A Star Wars Story Will Air On Netlfix

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Solo: A Star Wars Story Will Air On Netlfix

Posted by Steve on August 10, 2018 at 07:20 AM CST

There's been a lot of talk lately about "Disneyflix", Disney's streaming service that will be available to customers late next year, as Bob Iger has recently stated. We also know it will be doing so without the currently line-up of Star Wars films until 2024, thanks to a peculiar deal made with AT&T/Tuner Broadcasting back in 2016 for streaming rights. Of course, at the time it made sense as Disney had no plans to start their service at the time.

The current deal Disney has with Netflix runs out at the end of year when it is expected they will begin to pull titles from the world of not only Star Wars but Marvel as well. But one title that will make it to the popular streaming service will be Solo: A Star Wars Story. Disney’s deal with Netflix for the Star Wars movies is still currently intact, so it looks like we’ll be seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story hit the service before the calendar year runs out.

It's kind of ironic that Solo will be the final Star Wars film to end the current agreement with Netflix as Disney and Lucasfilm enter a new era. It's no secret and well covered territory that the film came with its share of behind the scenes drama which along with several other reasons, caused the film to underperform at the box office. In fact, it was the first Star Wars film to lose money for Lucasfilm and has forced the company to rethink the way they handle production on future films.

But with no feature films, not even Solo, to start off their service with they have invested heavily in live-action TV such as the highly anticipated Jon Favreau original series. With a rumored budget of over $10 million per episode, the series is expected to carry the load for Lucasfilm and Disney once the service is up and running, as far as Star Wars content is concerned.

So, the deal with Netflix, which has been a very successful one for Disney/Lucasfilm, will end their agreement with the least successful Star Wars film at the box office. There isn't an exact date just yet for when Solo: A Star Wars Story will arrive on Netflix but bet on a holiday release sometime in late November or early December.

In the meantime, Solo: A Star Wars Story will be available digitally September 14th and arrives on Blu-Ray September 25th. You can pre-order it from Amazon HERE.

Till next time...MTFBWY.

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