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Game Update 5.10.1 is Now Live on the Public Test Server

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Game Update 5.10.1 is Now Live on the Public Test Server

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Game Update 5.10.1 is now live on the Public Test Server (PTS) for all subscribers. Whether you have a max level character or not, we encourage you to check out the PTS and give us your feedback on this new Lair Boss. To get additional information on the PTS status, timing, and to give your feedback, head to the PTS Forums.


You can find the following features from Game Update 5.10.1 on the PTS right now:

  • The Mutated Geonosian Queen can be found inside of ‘The Hive of the Mountain Queen’ lair.
  • Players seeking to tackle this fearsome foe can do so in either groups of 8 or 16 players.
  • This Lair Boss is available on both Story and Veteran difficulties.

Please note, at this time, we will not be providing Customer Support for this test server. Attempts to file in-game tickets will result in an error message and will not be processed. Please use the Public Test Server Forums for feedback and any issues you may experience. All gameplay policies are still in place; inappropriate or abusive players will not be tolerated on the test server and we ask that you please report this behavior to Customer Support here.

To access the Public Test Server:

[*]Log in to the Star Wars: The Old Republic launcher using your username and password.

[*]Click the Settings button (gear) in the bottom left corner of the launcher

[*]Under “Enable Public Test Server Access”, select “Yes”

[*]Click “Save”

[*]Now the bottom left corner will have two buttons: select the new button next to settings

[*]Under "Pick an Environment" select "Public Test"

[*]Click "Next" and you will begin patching on the Public Test Server*

[*]Click "Play"


To transfer your character to the Public Test Server, follow these instructions:

[*]Log into www.swtor.com.

[*]Click on your account name in the top right hand corner of the site.

[*]Click “My Account.”

[*]In the left column, scroll down and click the link entitled “PTS Character Copy.”

[*]Select the server and then the character that you wish to copy from.

[*]Click the “Copy Character” button.

[*]The site will display the current status of your character copy at the top of the page. Additionally, you can click the “View your character transfer history” link to see if the copy has completed.


Your feedback and participation are truly appreciated.
The Star Wars: The Old Republic Team

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