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Legacy Companion Unlocks in patch 1.2

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Legacy Companion Unlocks in patch 1.2

BeitragBeitrag #1 von sth2die4 » Mo 2. Apr 2012, 10:28

Bioware is giving us a real reason to get in the good books with our companions. As of patch 1.2 increasing your companions' affection to 10 000 unlocks a unique enhancement for that specific class of companion. There are a total of five different companion classes and they are healer, melee damage, ranged damage, melee tank and ranged tank. Also, every single companion you cap affection with grants you 10 bonus Presence with all your characters under your Legacy name. So theoretically you can eventually have a default 400 bonus Presence on all your characters, if you play all eight classes and max out affection with all the (40) companions.

Somehow I think people are going to be spending a lot more time chasing companion gifts!

After doing some testing I discovered that the bonus I unlocked by maxing out Kira's affection on my Jedi Knight was applied to every other character I created, on both Republic and Sith sides. For Kira it was a bonus to surge and although it applies to all characters, the bonus surge can only be unlocked once. The Presence, on the other hand, can be unlocked on every companion and every class.

In the notes about what is unlocked is says "You may only receive this bonus for one healer/melee tank (etc) companion". It took me a bit of research to figure out that what this means is that if you unlock a healer companion on your Jedi Knight, you get the bonus for all the characters you create. It is not stacked or re-applied when you unlock another healer companion though on a separate character.


Here you can see the bonus surge applied to a naked level one Trooper. It is clearly not present in patch 1.1. Interestingly, base DPS with no weapon equipped seems to be higher in 1.1.

So, let's look at the bonuses that you get with each class of companion.


Achieving maximum affection with a healer grants you a bonus to the total healing you receive, increases your heroic moment by 12 seconds and reduces the cooldown by 1 minute. (Also grants 10 bonus Presence to all characters)


Surge rating goes up. Heroic moment goes up by 12 seconds and cooldown goes down by 1 minute.


Critical Hit Chance gets a boost for ranged damage companions as well as the usual increase of heroic moment by 12 seconds and reduction of cooldown by 1 minute.


With the melee tank companions you get a bonus to your accuracy (plus the usual).


With ranged tank it's the usual plus a Max Health bonus.

Here's a summary:

Heroic Moment*
Increased by 12 seconds
Reduced by 1 minute
+10 bonus

Campion class

Healing Received

Melee Damage
Surge rating

Ranged Damage
Critical Hit Chance

Melee Tank

Ranged Tank
Max Health

* Is only unlocked once

All this means that getting on your companions' good sides is even more important than ever. To review the gift preferences of companions, check out our information pages.

http://www.swtorface.com/2012/04/swtor- ... patch.html
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