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RSI Mini-Games

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RSI Mini-Games

BeitragBeitrag #1 von sth2die4 » So 2. Jul 2017, 11:41

Cant get enough of Star Citizen? Need Something to pass the time until 3.0 is released? Then don't forget about these Mini Games on the RSI Website! As an Added bonus, if you complete them, you can unlock up to four new display titles for your handle.

Hyper Vanguard Force
Fight Pirates in a Vanguard in a classic arcade style game! Unlocks the Predator and Apex Predator display titles.

Into the Unknown: A Carrack & Her Crew
Boldly Go and explore space in an Anvil Carrack! Unlocks the Cartographer title.

Orion Vault : A Loan in the 'Verse
Your given a claim and an Orion! But, you also owe the bank some serious UEC. Collect ore while defending yourself from Pirates as you strike pay dirt! Unlocks the Prospector Title.

Get your Class- G commercial Drivers License here!
Some businesses require an official DTN Commercial Operator's License (COL) in order to contract work with them. This Class-G small land vehicle license helps ensure that operators understand safety practices that will help them and their cargo get where it is going. To apply for a Class-G COL you must first successfully complete the following written exam. Unlocks the Class G License Title

The Observer Test
MMORPG economies are a form of PvP. Those with knowledge and skill win.
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